Amanda Whiting: After Dark (CD / Vinyl)

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Released in April 2021 on Jazzman Records, After Dark is a self-penned LP about a love affair which turns sour. Received to great acclaim, the album has been spun globally and has appeared as 'album on the week' including Dinner Jazz on Jazz FM as well as Take 5 with Jamie Cullum on Radio 2


  1. Time Stands Still ft Chip Wickham
  2. Messed Up
  3. Who Knows
  4. Stay For One*
  5. Strut Your Stuff
  6. After Dark
  7. Leave Me Be
  8. The Feist
  9. Gone
  10. Just Blue*
  11. Back to It
  12. After Dark - Rebecca Vasmant Remix ft Nadya Albertsson

Drums: Jon Reynolds.   Bass: Aidan Thorne.   Producer: Paula Gardiner. *Chip Wickham on flute


Format CD or Vinyl
Publication Date 10th April 2021


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