Tony and I have started writing a new series of books including a Christmas book which will be out in October..just in time! We have even bought a new baby 27 string harp for Tony to get his fingers in a tangle..and possibly blistered! We will keep you posted and look forward to producing some new pieces to inspire young and old harpists.


As well as being a busy bee writing harp music, I have started working on new workshops for teaching. Inspired by my recent events, it is so important that our music is playable on pedal harps as well as lever. Interestingly, not all lever harps are tuned in the same key, so this has thrown up lots of unique ways to get around jazz and blues changes. My recent pupils have been amazing so I am using them as my inspiration to tackle, what is turning out to be, a very complex riddle. Luckily Easter eggs are on hand for hours of intense thought and making up new songs:)