What a weekend! It started Thursday playing for HSBC in Bovey Castle, Dartmoor. The room was set out like a Midsummer Night’s Dream with trees and fountains…and I was the fairy playing the harp..with wings too!

On Friday I was thrilled to be playing for L’Oreal in the Grosvenor Hotel London. It was stunning with a pink ‘red carpet.’ I played for the arrival of the guests ..unfortunately Cheryl didn’t attend, so we had to make do with the Scottish girls and Queen’s guards (not the real ones of course!)..it was a great evening.

Saturday brought amazing sunshine and a beautiful wedding in City Hall/Park Thistle, Cardiff. Phil and Jude were wonderful and had the perfect day. It was so lovely to be part of it.

Sunday morning was an early start with breakfast shift at Celtic Manor. But not the usual. Paul Mc Cartney was in house but not seen unfortunately but instead I had the pleasure of playing for Lee Evans. What a great guy!! funny in the flesh even at that time of the morning!