After taking January off to go travelling, I came back to teaching Jazz on a day course in Cardiff, sponsored by Camac. The course had 28 willing pupils, whom after a few hours were all swinging and some even ventured into improvising! The day was great fun and it ended with a concert for the proud parents.

My trio has been performing at various events and tonight we will be in Cafe jazz with Sonia on saxophone. Very exciting as we will be performing some on Sonia’s compositions as well as lots of latin pieces (my favourite!). The sound is lovely and I am really enjoying the vibe and great friendships that we have.

Tony and I are working on the grades 4-6 jazz book which will hopefully be out before the end of the year. Our other books are flying off the shelves, so we are hoping for a new generation of jazz harpists.

Finally, I have great news, that my husband and I are expecting our first baby, so life is changing rapidly. Wedding season is slightly halted as the baby is due in August. At least it will have a few months of Pachelbel’s Canon and the wedding marches to relax it before changing our lives forever….