Over the past few months I have been honoured to be working with jazz harp legend Deborah Henson Conant. I went to see her in Cardiff when I was about 1o. She made the harp ‘cool’!!!so to be asked to perform her music at the recent Harp Festival in Caernarfon was a dream come true. Deborah had written all of the music for the final concert of the festival and was performing as well as conducting (as was her husband Jonathan). Ellie Turner was another soloist, and the pair of us had a ball all week. My main piece with the orchestra was called ‘Danger Zone’ and was about the research into the ‘strapless evening gown.’ My characer was the Professor’s assistant. The piece was superb…full of Deborah sounds, including nails, coins and damping the strings with your bum! What a week! Playing with an amazing orchestra, making lots of new friends and meeting/working with the legendary Deborah Henson Conant.