It has been a fantastic yet sad week with my Graduation in St David’s Hall for my Masters in Jazz. Saying goodbye to everyone after two years, with the hope that we will meet again one day. The sun was shining and luckily I managed to get across the stage without tripping over or losing my hat. Life is now back to normal but I can at least smile when I think of such great times.

Tony and I are just about to bring out our new book for budding young jazzers, grades 1-4 in difficulty. I am hoping that it will be a breath of fresh air for students and teachers alike..but it does mean that they will have to try a little bit improvising. I am looking forward to getting the feedback!

Tomorrow should be fun, off to Le Manoir to play for the Orient Express and hopefully venture via Bicester on the way. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine too….