The last few months have gone by in a flash. The most important event was the arrival of my new baby boy. Life has changed forever, but in the most fantastic way.

Before he arrived work was quite busy. From playing for the Orient Express at Le Manoir, performing with my husband Richard at Bella Capri in Cardiff, a final performance with the trio at Celtic (Dj has taken a trip to Linz to study until February) and being asked to represent the South in Brides Magazine’s 60th Anniversary.

Nato also visited Celtic Manor which was very exciting for all of the staff. Luckily I managed to get away with some decent coverage on the BBC 24/7 documentary…my antics of falling over were edited out:) (NB it wasn’t me playing Pachelbel’s Canon at the was a local harpist depping)

Finally, I have been invited to perform with the trio as a main stage act and teaching at Edinburgh Harp festival, which is a huge honour. The week of teaching intermediate and advanced students in jazz harp as well as the very important concert and a trio workshop will be something to look forward to and will definitely keep me busy over the coming months…in between nappy changes and sleepless nights.