Summer has arrived and weddings are in full flow with beautiful dresses and venues and nervous grooms. I’ve been playing everything from Shrek to Chopin. It’s been interesting and quite time consuming listening and arranging all the requests. There is never a dull day.

I’ve also been in to RWCMD helping teaching with pre exam classes as well as attending the RWCMD jazz weekend, supporting the students taking their exams. I wouldn’t want to swap!

Last night I played in Cardiff Museum with The Whiting on the Wall (Tony wasn’t able to play, so John Reynolds kndly depped). We had a great gig for the Law Society.

Tomorrow I am playing for Cardiff University and then in Celtic Manor for a large corporate event. In between, practise never stops..jazz voicings and Faure workouts keep it all moving.


And to top it all…the sun is shining:)