Yesterday I was sat in my car listening to Cerys Matthew’s on Radio 6 when my track Where would we be? came on the radio. The vinyl is due out any day so it’s very exciting hearing it on so many stations. It really has been a dream come true.

Keeping the album alive, last week my trio took a road trip to Jazz Fm in London to perform a live session and interview with the lovely Tony Minvielle. The session will be out over the coming weeks. Jazz Fm are such supporters and I can’t thank them enough. 🙏🏼

It’s been a busy few weeks recording for groups including Heliocentrics, Adam Scrimshaw and a remix of Allysha Joy for Rebecca Vasmant. What’s coming next??


Upcoming events:

On the 14th October I will be on tour with Rebecca Vasmant and her band, from Glasgow to Paris. Check out my Instagram for details and come along!!

Next month on 18th November I will be performing with Dj Yoda in London for the launch of his new album. Keep an eye out for details of how to get tickets and please come along!

Until then, practise is very exciting with so many events to prepare for. As well as writing the next album:)